Southern Homecoming

I am back in Georgia now. I have not lived here for 27 years and I have been back for a week. I spent the weekend in Atlanta (yes I know I did not call everyone, I will after the holidays). It was nice to hear so many people say welcome home. It was not nice to get lost. I used to know my way around that city very well. I was with a friend and I said, “Well I recognize where I am but I have no clue how we just got here.” Recognizing where I was is a feat in a city that has changed so much. Navigating my way around because I remembered a curve in the road or a rail road bridge was pretty good given how many cities I have lived in over the last 27 years.

Trust me on this one; the people in the south really are friendlier. Well, not so much when they are in their cars are you want to be in their lane instead of the one you mistakenly got in, but the rest of the time they are just darn friendly. I guess will really put that to the test after the first of the year when I get serious about finding work.

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