Target Laughter

There is nothing odd in seeing three casually dressed women sitting in the Target Starbucks. It was however, an odd sort of day. We are three friends from high school who have let decades go by without staying closely in touch. About ten years ago we actually managed to hook up in the same city for a girls weekend and vowed to keep up the tradition.

This leads us to Target. Who doesn’t love Target? After all we have given it a snooty French pronunciation we think so highly of it. Even so most people would hardly choose Target for their yearly girl gab fest. This particular Target also happens to be in Dothan Alabama. We are three army brats and that background, along with our careers, means we have covered some ground around the world. You would think we could choose a more adventuresome rendezvous spot, but it was convenient and easy to find.

One of us lives in Florida. You all know my story. I have relocated from Portland Oregon to Columbus/Atlanta Georgia looking for work. The third member of our trio just left LA and is stopping to visit her parents in Dothan on her way to Abu Dhabi. Yes, as in the United Arab Emirates. One goes where the jobs are.

So there we sat knowing it would be our last visit for a few years. Before long there are two iPhones and one Blackberry on the table. Suddenly there are about six of us conversing and one of them was already in Abu Dhabi. Why, with iPhones, Blackberrys, Skype, laptops etc., were we so darn sad? It is the laughter I will miss. We will e-mail, journal, facebook etc. but there is something special when you sit in the same room and laugh until you cry. One thing is for sure. In a few years when the three of us are sitting in the same room laughing and swapping war stories there should be some whoppers. I hope I have a job by then so I can afford the coffee.

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    You helped me with a concept here. Even though we are able to communicate all over the world instantaneously, we cannot share the face to face laughter.

    Humor is one thing but shared laughter is quite another.

    18 Dec
  2. admin


    John, can you imagine how the world could overcome so much anger if we could find a better way to laugh with each other

    18 Dec
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