The Faces of History

We all have our basements, attics, garages, and storage facilities full of stuff too valuable to get rid of and too numerous to display. I have jokingly blogged before- Trash heap to Museum- about the value in saving “stuff.” Finally Ft. Benning Georgia has a real home for its infantry museum and is able to display the vast collection. Since I am in Columbus I visited the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center at Ft. Benning, always happy to view someone else’s stuff. Apparently I come by my tendency to save things genetically. On display was a v mail letter my father wrote to his parents days before he took part in the Normandy invasion. I did not know the museum had this letter as most of his donations were from his days as a POW and were tragically lost over time by the museum as it moved from one inadequate space to another. The new national museum is a state of the art facility where the visitor experiences history as well as learning. The opportunity to learn does not come from the exhibits alone, as good as they are. To me the real living history and more moving than the exhibits, is to look into the faces of those who served as they walk through the museum. The eyes of our veterans are the most priceless collection our country has.

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