Just a Cotton Pickin’ Minute!

In my spare time, and there is far less of it than you would think for an unemployed person, I have been reading a terrific book. Cotton: The Biography of a Revolutionary Fiber by Stephen Yafa. This is a beautifully written book and in my opinion, serves as a cautionary tale. Those of us who lost our jobs in the journalism industry, or saw a dramatic change in how our jobs are done with new technology (hate it or love it), should be able to relate to the history of cotton as told by Mr. Yafa. I admit it is my relocation to the south that had me pause and pick up this book from the rack, another time or place and I may have passed it by. While the subject is cotton the underlying story is so much more. Read this book and think about the work you do and the industry for which your work is done. Take a look at the world today as it relates to manufactured goods and agriculture then ask yourself who is really running the world. See if you can predict the next industry to tank or to soar. Will you be on the unemployment line or in high cotton?

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