Networking Without a Net

I love connecting with people all over the country and now, (since my friends are taking jobs where they can get them) the world. I can tweet, Facebook, be LinkedIn etc. but just like laughing together in the same room; nothing beats good old fashioned face to face introductions when it is time to network. I realize that statement does not give the impression I am current in doing business today however that is far from the truth. I am simply saying all of those are vital tools but so is looking someone in the eye, smiling, and saying it is a pleasure to met you.

Many people are intimidated by face to face networking. Sure it is easy to join an on line group, participate in an on line discussion or fire off an e-mail. I can do these things safely ensconced in a familiar room, in front of the computer, all by myself (often while going shoeless and wearing something paint stained and disreputable). Actually walking up to and talking with a complete stranger is another matter. I am not here to say it is easy. I am here to tell you it can be fun. I went to a luncheon specifically to meet new people and network. Sure I was nervous since I was only going to know one person out of many. It did not take long to realize most everyone genuinely wanted to help and it quickly became very enjoyable as meeting new people usually is for me. Trying to keep all of the names, faces and job titles straight was as difficult as memorizing facts and dates for a history exam. But like history, the event was a treasure trove of people and information. Thank goodness I had a host because I would have never recognized a friend from high school (although if I had only looked at her smile it would have triggered the recognition). She admitted to not recognizing me either and I am not sure what that says about either one of us. I am going with the theory of graceful maturity from gawky kids to professional women. Yep that is the story I am sticking to.

Now it is up to me to make the most of my networking experience. I encourage each of you to get out there and give this a try. Many of us had or have jobs where this is not common. Break the rules. You never know; the key to a future career goal may be one handshake away.

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  1. rlh3


    As before, Happy New Year & good luck with the job search/new life.

    Best Regards,

    10 Jan
  2. admin


    Thanks. I guess all of this keeps me out of trouble at any rate.

    10 Jan