Some Problems are Good to Have

Some problems are good to have. I know this to be true. I am going to repeat this like a mantra because I am about to pay the price for having fifty seven boxes of Christmas decorations. Yep, it is finally time to pack up the house and put my belongings into storage….somewhere. I have no clue in what city, or what state for that matter, I will end up finding work. To borrow from Shakespeare, “Ah there’s the rub.” Ever try to figure out the cost of a move when you don’t know where you are going or when you are going to get there?

This will be my one last chance to go through my stuff and make sure I have pulled out everything I could possibly need for the next year. My early trip east has been a great test. Already I have a list of items I want to be sure do not go into storage. The book of technical instructions for posting slides to this blog is number one on the list! I am in the mood to shed about another thousand pounds.

Of my stuff that is. On the other hand, I am clinging quite stubbornly to a seashell lamp.

I know I am lucky. There are people unemployed and stuck in house they can’t afford or can’t sell and living in cities where they can’t find work. Like I said, some problems are good to have.

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