Wagons East

It is not possible to pack my stuff. I keep filling box after box after box but yet there seems to be an endless supply. I think people came in and left their stuff here to get rid of while I was in Georgia, there can be no other explanation.

I am not sure why adventure has to start with packing but research proves this to be true. Marco Polo, Lewis and Clark, etc. did not embark empty handed and they didn’t call them wagon trains for nothing! It is fortunate I am not blasting off on the space shuttle as rocket fuel and book boxes would be like a car trip with Nancy Pelosi and George Bush; uncomfortable!

There are a million little details to take care of. For those of you in TV it is a bit like putting in a new news set. Wow I could hear the groaning all the way out here. It is a very good thing I scheduled as part of my former professional life. One would think that in this case at least there would be no whining about the schedule. Ha! But I have a return ticket to the east coast and big plans for the weekend I get there so deadlines will be met and the show will start on time.

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