Numbers to Nibble On

The lead story on my New York Times e-mail Saturday (portrayed as good news) was that 36,000 non farm jobs were shed in January. This apparently is good news since it was fewer than forecast. Now let me get this straight. There are what, millions of us unemployed? So we and another 36,000 folks are supposed to be reassured because someone guessed wrong? Are you kidding me?! Read the article your self New York Times (links to this paper do not always work for non subscribers) and try to decide after all the numbers if it is good news, bad news or more of the same. Your answer most likely depends on if you are a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person, employed, unemployed, or thinking about hiring. I am a glass half full person but I have to pour a lot more water in these days to keep it that way. Maybe I should just stop reading after the headlines. I have the Thomson Reuters News Pro app for my Blackberry. After checking there for more news I found the gem headline “Aussie underwear has gone bananas.” Someone is making men’s underwear from bananas. I am not making this up I read it on my phone so it must be true. Put these two together and it is clear my destiny lies in becoming a banana farmer…..down under.

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    a friend emailed me the underwear out of bananas story. no – you are not kidding.

    07 Mar