Unemployment With Purpose

Fighting depression when you are unemployed takes some doing. Let’s face it when you are not worrying about ever finding a decent job, vanishing savings, no 401K contributions, no dental insurance, the Obama health care supplement nearing an end, diminishing unemployment benefits, and life’s myriad of unexpected and unavoidable expenses; it can be difficult to greet the day with a smile on your face. I don’t greet the day well during the best of times. So now some days the urge to put a pillow over my head, pretend it is 4am and too early to get up and at it is as strong as the urge to eat just one more potato chip. Oh do not even try to pretend you don’t know what I am talking about here. When you have a career your day has purpose. You know what is expected of you and stand a reasonable chance of ending your day feeling successful. Spending the day mainlining coffee hunched over a computer on job search sites does not usually end with a feeling of triumph. The trick is to find purpose in your life besides the daily job hunt. There are many ways to do this. I have decided to make myself useful in my mom’s garden. I created that garden on my vacations over a period of about three years. Mom has added a few rose bushes and kept the weeds at bay….no easy task. It is now time for some serious mulching, trimming, and going for the spectacular by adding a few annuals. I am up to my shins in pine straw here. I shovel pine straw, rake pine straw, and haul pine straw. The garden is taking shape and I am too tired to get depressed and soon there will be tangible results to view for all of my effort. Giving my mom a garden she can enjoy and be proud of is giving my days purpose for now.

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  1. 1

    working in the garden was a good idea!!!! and if your weather was like ours, it was a nice day – reminds me – I was supposed to spray today – i guess i still have time.
    Keep me posted on the job search!

    15 Mar
  2. rlh3


    Good Luck,,
    Its tough,, beent there/done that but something good will show up.
    As my mother used to say: “Better Days Ahead”…
    Your good deed for your mother will help bring better times.

    Best Wishes,
    Keep up the Fire

    15 Mar