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Applying for jobs on line may be technically efficient, fast and cheap but it can be silly. It would help what is left of my sanity to know before starting what information to have handy. A few sites will actually take pity on the job seeker and give this information really early. Most sites allow one to upload a resume. Some allow a cover letter and some do not. It would be nice to know this ahead of time so I could tweak my resume accordingly.

I have learned it is a really good idea to go beyond the advice of getting my resume down to one page for the electronic game. The key is to have to dig for as little useless background information as possible. One encounter in this cyber world asked for my starting and ending salary for every job I listed. I had no clue. I can tell you my ending salary but not the starting salary of even my last job. I can’t see what difference it makes, no one seems to be paying a good salary these days anyway. Yes I know this information would be in my tax records but I only moved the last five years worth and the rest went into storage, or as I now refer to it, no man’s land.

Another job history trap is when they ask if they can call your supervisor. Sure go right ahead and good luck getting anyone to return your call. Oh, and by the way, company policy is to say nothing except verify employment. Three jobs back and they are going to need a séance to make that call. Then there is the station that has changed owners and call letters like breeding rabbits.

But my very favorite experience in on line job applying was a personal best for me. I was rejected via e-mail less than fifteen minutes after applying. You can laugh, I did. Fiddle- dee- dee. As it was once said here in Georgia, “Tomorrow is another day”

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    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

    21 Mar
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    Where did you get your blog layout from? I’d like to get one like it for my blog.

    21 Mar
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    I use word press but had technical help designing it to my specifications. I would like to make a few changes but it got a little complicated so I have been afraid to try to make them on my own. Four dangerous words: I have an idea

    21 Mar