Stop, Look and Listen

“Darby, you’re not in Portland anymore.” My friend in Atlanta felt compelled to remind me of this because I actually expect traffic to stop for pedestrians in cross walks. At least I walk when I am in Atlanta. In Columbus no one seems to walk anywhere except downtown at lunch time where the word traffic is a misnomer in the first place. Commuting by bicycle in either city is rarely seen and is probably a wise choice by bike enthusiasts. Clearly I am not in the same South where I once lived and courtesy ruled the moment in all circumstances. Impatient people from hither and yon have taken up residence in the South with enthusiasm. Like any place, the southern states have idiosyncrasies some good and some….. not so much. Indifference to our ways is not always progress. The migration of people to the warm sunny south has added to the culture in some ways I do like. First and foremost; finally Columbus has Starbuck$ and a few independent coffee places. When I used to visit my mom the jonesing for a grande- no fat- no whip, mocha was pretty bad by day three. Now I can get my fix throughout town making life more pleasant for me and those around me.

Outside of their cars I am still amazed by the friendliness of everyone here in Georgia. Maybe it is all the sweet tea everyone drinks.

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