Tool Time Out

I think he said it goes this way.”

“No that can’t be right it has to go this way.”

“Well that just doesn’t make sense. I really think it goes this way.”

“How can that be possible? The teeth won’t grab.”

“Sure they will. We just stick it in the little pointy things.”

And we are off and running on another mother daughter project. I am sure these would be a heck of a lot more fun and take way less time if even one of us had a clue what we are doing. My mom sees me living with her as an opportunity to have a willing partner in these home improvement endeavors. I think she should have held out for a roommate who can at the very least hammer a nail straight. We feel pretty cocky once we finally get something done. The downside is in the process we always discover something else that needs fixing, painting, replacing, or a professional. My mother and I are of like mind when it comes to the desired outcome. The process however, is as if we are speaking two different languages. I guess it works out best we go about everything from such different angles, as we probably cover all of the bases that way. It can be painful however, especially when one of us is hard of hearing.

“Hand me the glue.”

“Which tool?”

“The glue.”

“There isn’t a blue tool.”

“Never mind, I’ll get it myself.”

“If you wanted the glue, you should speak clearly and I would have gotten it for you.”

Cocktail hour starts early some days.

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