Sicko Slick in the Gulf

OK I am definitely back to being riled up again. The more I read about the bumbling by pretty much everyone involved with the Gulf oil spill disaster, the more incredulous I become. I can’t believe many of these people have jobs, not much less highly paid ones. Whatever happened to segregation of duties? It is no wonder we are facing such high unemployment in this country if this is an example of how things are run at the top.
While the confusion over who is in charge and the blame game continues, so does the oil continue spilling into the gulf. With the daily pictures of oil soaked birds and miles of oil sheen off the coast we must remember people died. Loss of life also includes a heart breaking number of wild life. The wild life death toll rises every day.
Small business owners are suffering and more will be added to that list as well. Yet so far, I have not read where one single muckety muck in charge of anything has been fired. Even if that eventually happens, I am sure there is a golden parachute greater than my entire career earnings. Michael Moore must be planning his next film if he hasn’t sent crews to start shooting already.
If I was a resident of Louisiana at this point, and I had any fight left in me, I would go beyond suing corporations. I would start going after individuals for their negligence. It is time for a new tactic to fight the insufferable lack of regard for consequences by those in charge.
I love the Gulf Coast. I have vacationed there for a lifetime drawn back again and again by its beauty. I hope I live long enough to see it recover if it can.

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  1. 1

    My Dear Ms. Britto –

    Being stationed overseas close to nothing, it is with pleasure and delight that I continue to read your blogs.

    Here at Aljazeera English one of our tag lines is; the Voice of the Voiceless . . .

    You, my friend, are one voice that should never be silent.

    Keep it up!

    07 Jun
  2. Glenn Wells


    Isn’t one of the primary purposes of a corporation — limited liability — to avoid individual responsibility? Seems to work pretty well, at least for the corporations.

    07 Jun