Getting Started

Joining the unemployed this day and age is not for the faint of heart.  I am glad I am not in charge of fixing this mess. I wish President Obama and his team success; my future depends on it.  I have always believed in the adage when one door closes another one opens.  Finding that open door has begun to resemble finding the exit in a fun house of mirrors.  This seems to be a terrible time to be looking for a new job not much less a different one yet on the other hand it is quite fashionable at least.  


I do not expect this journey to finding something new to be a quick one.  I am already finding the journey itself to be meaningful.


I really am excited to be working towards something different. There is almost a relief in being pushed into looking for my new dream job. I want to be challenged, make new friends, learn new skills, and exercise my creativity in new ways.  I have often joked about where I wanted to be working next and now I can pursue that idea without being afraid of giving up something safe.   After all security often lies in what we know which prevents us from exploring and reaching our potential.


Am I worried about finances? Of course.  I am learning already on this journey that financial security alone was not really making me happy.     I could not even define what financial security meant to me; even when I was more secure than I am now I did not feel safe.  

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