Road Bumps

I am not sure what it is that sustains male friendships over time. Women have a simple key to successful friendships; we embrace each other’s eccentricities. The longer you are friends with another woman the more acutely aware you become of each other’s quirks. It does not matter if you see each other once a week, once a month, or once every few years; once you are tagged with an eccentricity it stays with you for life. You can change just about anything else in your life, your hair color, your marital status, your career, your geographic location but not your tagged quirk.
I have been traveling off and on with the same group of women for over thirty years. One of us is known for being impatient, one for being unable to read the map, one for having to change jewelry before going out to dinner, and one for her strong opinions.
With all that has changed in our lives, nothing has changed. The addition of cell phones and GPS devices seems only to add to the confusion. At least one of us at any given moment has absolutely no clue where we are going or why.
“Darby it was the yellow house.”
“What yellow house, I didn’t see a yellow house.”
“You were standing in front of it yesterday when you took the picture of the roof of city hall.”
“Well the light was perfect on that roof, why would I notice a yellow house?”
The house in question was the boarding house Tom Wolfe grew up in, so much for the writer in me.
Travels with girlfriends are like that. We make fun of each other, we laugh like teenagers and as it turns out, we are never too old for a good pillow fight.

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