Haunting Words

I have issued many a threat to come back and haunt someone; as a matter of fact I have done so with ghoulish delight. So a recent article in the New York Times about ghosts on Facebook actually made me smile. I never dreamed I was actually going to be able to carry out my threat. Things are indeed looking up.
Like many others I got a Facebook reminder to reconnect with a friend who is no longer among the living. I have to say the first time this happened I was rather taken aback. It is not often someone from the great beyond reaches out to me quite so boldly. At first this brought a tear to my eye and then I had to laugh. I am not ready to reconnect with this friend. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see this person again. However short of occult intervention, I am sure I am not willing to accept the terms that would make this possible.
As prompted by Facebook, I posted a greeting on my friend’s wall pretty much telling him why I was not ready to reconnect with him, no matter how much he is missed. Others had posted as well. It was nice to see how many people took the time to leave this small remembrance; sort of like leaving a rock on a tombstone.
I think I will designate someone to occasionally post ghostly comments under my name in the unfortunate event of an untimely demise. I need someone who can write pithy relevant posts with a sense of humor. Applications are now being accepted. Please submit writing examples. The job offers no pay and no benefits (like many jobs today).

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    Man, tell me where to send the writing sample. I must get this job if I’m around, which I probly won’t be. Man, I could use up all my pent up dirty language and everyone would think it was you. I can hear it now…

    “did you read what she said?”
    “Yeah, but if it comes from Heaven, it must be O.K.”
    “Cool, I think I’ll share it with my 4500 friends”

    Wonderful article, Darby.

    19 Jul