Still Laughing

“You should sit there and not say a word.”
Back in December in a post called Target Laughter I blogged about three friends getting together in person for the last time for at least a year. Our friend was on her way to Abu Dhabi where her husband was working. Hooray for frequent flyer miles creating an unexpected opportunity for her to come home this summer and visit her family, we sprung into action for a weekend get together in Tallahassee.
Long story short; we ended up in two cars in rural southern Georgia with our one friend’s driver’s license, and her wallet, in Florida. She said, “Well I have my passport at least. If I get stopped, and you (our third friend) need to act like a lawyer, remember to talk southern.” The lawyer’s husband expressed some concern over whether the Abu Dhabi passport stamps or her LA permanent address would be the greatest cause of trouble. As to me sitting there quietly; I don’t know why he thought I should remain silent. How could he be sure I was going to get riled up? I mean really, the lawyer gets riled up just as easily as I do. Just because she can drag out the legal words and I use…..colloquialisms… should be no cause for concern.

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