Marriage Texas Style

I had fun at a wedding recently. Now the cynical among you are saying it is because I was not the one getting married or the one paying for it.

A very nice young lady, who I will describe as an honorary niece, married a man from a large extended family.  To see how my honorary niece and her family are so graciously loved and accepted into this larger family gives me hope for the human race.  I am confident this marriage will be everything they both expect because they are smart, funny, kind, and loved by so many people.

As to the paying for it part, you may have a point there. Beware the wedding facility that offers a wedding coordinator as part of their service. Their job, while helping to pull off your wedding ceremony, is to make money for the facility that employs them. Sure they will provide speakers and mics for an outdoor ceremony; what they don’t tell you is that any number of guests sitting ten rows back and more won’t be able to hear a thing because speakers for those guests are extra. Several of us asked the coordinator why the outside lights were not turned on and we each got a different answer. I guess they simply forgot and would not admit to a mistake. Any confusion of details on your part is dollar signs gleaming in the eyes of your facility wedding coordinator.

Details and dollars aside, this young couple had a grand start to their marriage. One hundred fifty plus people (most of them the grooms family…..I kid you not) surrounded them with love and a promise for the future.  Love and gracious acceptance of others, now there’s a simple solution to complex social problems.

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    I have learned that corporate wedding planners watch out for number One, above all. As you and I so thoughtfully mused over champagne, we realize numero Uno is not the client, but the venue for which s/he works, Period. Yes, there were 24 different samples of cake flavors, icing and colors from which to choose – all the more to further a local reputation as Restaurant/Outdoor/Indoor/Venue wedding in an oak grove, but did they know how to take care of the guests, other than feed them? No.

    Now, I am rarely able to hear wedding ceremonies, because weakness sets in on the couple as the momentousness dawns on them, and everything becomes very soft. As that was dawning, and there were readings, remarks, candles lit, and promises, the day was waning.

    This “wedding planner” tried talking the bride into an hour later start time, not “because of the traffic.” but because she wanted time to get her stuff together. The venue managed to get it changed to half an hour later, but did not “coordinate” well enough to get the lights turned on before the end of the ceremony. The guests, on the higher end of sense and sensibility, are cognizant of traffic, and mostly arrived before the pastor, whose truck broke down. It all worked out. Most of the guests are of the bride and groom’s generation, mostly mutual friends, many of whom count as family. I’m happy to count you as one, and I’ll drink to that!

    26 Nov