Snooki the Author?!

I am shocked you are actually reading this. After all I am not Snooki (thank God!) and this is not being promoted by a “reputable” publishing company. Yes, today is the day Snooki becomes a published author with the release of her book. You didn’t know that? Congratulations. I would like to say I don’t even have a clue who Snooki is, but despite not watching trash TV, I don’t live under a rock. Oh I have something in common with Snooki. I can go to, “frickin Barnes and Noble, drink coffee, and read a  book.” Of course the books I choose to read usually take me longer than a large cup of coffee to finish. I don’t think I am a slow reader.

Even more disturbing than the fact she is published, is— this chick not only has a job and I don’t, she has one that pays extremely well. I take some small comfort in the fact that as I write this, Snooki does not make the top ten trending topics on Yahoo. The homeless man with the amazing voice still tops her on my Facebook feed. Of course that is another disturbing trend I don’t care to think about.

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  1. Paul Paolicelli


    Doesn’t surprise me, publishing has ceased to be about the exchange of ideas and is really all about marketability and quick bucks, just like every other American business. The notion of long-term, intellectual reasoning, social responsibility is as dead as Dorothy’s dog. We celebrate our pimps, brutes and illiterates and ridicule our creative as “nerds” and ‘dweebs”.

    05 Jan