TV News and the Duh Factor

People supposedly knowledgeable about TV news wrote this recent headline in their daily newsletter. “Tucson Stations Cover Tragic Shooting.” Really? Tucson stations covered major breaking news in their city? Remarkable. These are the same people who write a column giving TV newsrooms advice on writing compelling teases. If that weren’t lame enough, the same folks who preach about good writing and storytelling had this as the first line in their story,” Tucson stations sprang into action on Saturday morning after shots rang out in at an area grocery store.” Duh! And here I thought newsrooms sat around updating their Facebook pages and sharing vacation photos on Flickr. Does anyone read this stuff before it goes out? Does anyone wonder what has happened to TV news?

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  1. Rick Lusso


    My policy has always been to cover only the “tragic” shootings. Another high priority is staying on top of “senseless” killings. I leave the sensible killings for the competition to cover.

    10 Jan