Driver Beware!

I didn’t do anything wrong. Yet there I was, wasting time I will never get back, in traffic court. I was there to make sure the charges were not dropped for an at fault driver. What you hear in traffic court would scare the wits out of most drivers if any ever bothered to sit through traffic court. There are a lot of uninsured drivers out there! Statistics for uninsured drivers are based on accident reports. So the percentage of uninsured drivers for any state is purely a numbers game.


It was pretty easy to start off outraged at how these people could dare to be driving without insurance. Most everyone I know grumbles about the cost of auto insurance but wouldn’t think of driving without it. As the afternoon wore on, and the fines mounted up for many drivers, I began to realize they were stuck in a cycle of poverty.


Public transportation is not an option for a lot of people trying to get to work or the grocery store. In many medium size cities you would spend hours changing from bus to bus in the dark, rain and cold. Honestly, the people I saw in court that day were struggling to pay for a clunker car and keep gas in it. Blame it on the economy, a squandered education, poor work ethic, poor health and high medical bills, having three kids when you are barely out of high school…there are many reasons people can’t make ends meet.


Like it or not… poverty affects every one of us in many ways; uninsured drivers are just one of them. I want them off the road and I don’t want to be in an accident with them, but I also realize their numbers are likely to grow.

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