These Boots Were Made for Rushing

There are times when you are sure you must have left this planet for another one. Often this observation comes when you have no clue, for some reason, what others around you are talking about. Or maybe it is one of those times when you feel that you just don’t fit in. A simple trip to the shoe repair shop had me believing I was an alien.

There were two ladies in line in front of me, and as the first one finished and turned to leave, the strangeness began. The second lady exclaims, “Well hay there Lesley. How are yew?

Lesley replies, “Hey there, I haven’ seen you in aaaages. I am just crazy. I had to bring in my daughters boot; its rush week and the medallion fell off.”

Second lady, “Rush week? Gosh it’s laaate for that.”

Lesley, “Yeaes, it is late. She goes to Furman and that is the way they dew it. She just has to have these boots back in time. We are going to have to organize and meet her in Atlanta to hand them off.”

Second lady, “Those are really nice boots”

Lesley, “Yes she just haad to have them. We got them for her for Christmas; it was a stretch but they’re just darlin. She would sleep in them if she could.”

Second lady, “Wow those are (brand x) boots. They should not a problem this soon.”

Lesley, “Ahie know! “

Second lady, “Do you remember when we were goin through rush? (brand z) shoes were in style. I just haaaad to have them. I was gonna die if I couldn’t find ’em. I called every single shoe store in Atlanta lookin for those shoes.”

Lesley, “Oh I know. That is why I am jus goin so crazy getting this taken care of. I know she really just has to have them for Rush. This is just nuts”

OK I am standing there and that is the first thing either one of them has said that has made any sense. I was wearing my discount store rain boots and holding my outlet mall boots. I wanted to know if they could fix the toe and where they were worn out from wearing them too much.

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