I’M Back!

I didn’t exactly plan to take the summer off from blogging, I got distracted. I know, hard to believe isn’t it? I have been learning a new art form called encaustic. As a medium, encaustic art has been around for centuries although many of us have been unfamiliar with it until the last few years. With modern materials and experimental techniques (translation: brave artists) encaustic is beginning to show up in galleries everywhere.
I have had a blast working in this medium, combined with some of my photography.
I have posted a few pictures of some of my work in The Front Porch Gallery.
Click on the link below to see a mini video on how I am using the encuastic process.


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  1. 1

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    24 Sep
  2. Robin


    Hi Darby!

    Happy Birthday from your old college buddy! I was amazed when I googled your name. It wasn’t hard to find you.

    24 Sep
  3. admin


    Hi Robin, I have a load of spam comments in here and it is taking me forever to go through and get rid of them. I easy access email is darby97232@yahoo.com. I have been wondering what you are up to

    24 Sep