Flipping Careers

Like most profound moments, this one started simply enough. I was watching an acrobatic equestrian act with a friend….hey some days just are more interesting than others. The group had just announced they were fifth generation circus performers when my friend asked me if I remembered her telling me about writing a feature article on a circus performer when she was in college. Of course I remembered because, the most interesting college project I worked on was as a production assistant for a feature about a football prognosticator. My friend said, “He is their uncle.” I was watching a guy standing on the back of a horse that was running around the ring, when he did a back flip, and landed standing on a horse that had been running behind them. I am terrified sitting on a horse that is trotting.
I turned to my friend and asked, “Is he still involved with horses?”
My friend, “Oh no, he is too old for that?”
Me, “How old is he?”
My friend, “About your age.”
Me, “Oh, hmmmm, what does he do now?”
My friend, “He is shot out of a canon.”
Clearly as I was planning my second career I did not think very creatively. As I plan for what I intend to do once I retire, I can assure you I am going back to the drawing board.

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  1. Glenn Wells


    Since I plan to retire (whatever that means) at the end of this year, I’ve been thinking similar thoughts.

    I may spend an hour a day visiting friends’ blogs and leaving editorial comments.

    “He is shot out of a canon.” Really? A canon?

    Of course, I could run out of friends pretty quickly that way. Then I guess I’d have to annoy strangers.

    13 Dec
  2. admin


    I guess after you do back flips on a running horse, being shot out of a cannon into a giant net is considered safe……who knew?!

    13 Dec