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A childhood spent working in little theatre and a professional career in television, tends to make me see things a little differently. I believe it takes a diverse viewpoint to really understand and relate to the world around us. I am always keenly aware of light, shadows and reflections. As we interact with others, we radiate our own inner light, cast shadows (physically and metaphorically), and are a reflection of everything we have learned and everyone we have met.
I want my work to engage the viewer to think about these things and how that thought process can impact their lives. I hope to capture the things I see in a way that teaches others to really look at the world around them, and to look for the unexpected story.
In my encaustic work I take that same concept a little further. I take my photographs, change them digitally, and then layer them back together along with layers of colored wax. By deconstructing a viewpoint; the observer of my work is forced to see differently. I have an orderly mind; however limiting that may be for the creative process, it comes in darn handy when working with molten wax, heat guns and blow torches
Sometimes what I see as my passion is defined by others as hell fire and damnation. Melted wax and blow torches seem to go hand in hand with that perception. My more desirable traits are expressed with the luminosity and the deep layers of encaustic work

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