Creative Fire

The problem with a successful creative learning venture is it fuels the fire to make more, more, more! I know you are thinking, isn’t that what is supposed to happen? I just got back from a weekend of art workshops. I took an afternoon class in torch fire enameling and a brief class in lamp work bead making.
The first thing that jumps right out at those who know me well is, I have found another way to make art with molten stuff. My encaustic work uses molten wax and now I have added molten glass. Torches and heat guns are not usually the tools of those who have difficulty doing anything gracefully.
But back to that creative drive. Tool and supplies are expensive and the UPS truck is a frequent visitor. I sit there and painfully calculate the cost of every mistake while I am still learning— talk about a downer and a way to kill the creative freedom needed to explore a new art form. Working with a torch has me compelled to work out side. I have been doing that in the evenings when the sun goes down and the bugs come out. Yes, they are drawn to the flame and it isn’t pretty to watch them get too close. It does however; serve as an excellent reminder not to get my fingers too close.

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