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Insurance updated:

By the time I was ready to post I had the numbers for COBRA. Getting them in writing was a missing piece of the puzzle. Expense wise, it is now the way to go but there are limitations if you are considering relocating. At least this has bought me some time. I think it is time for all of us to rebel and demand more portable insurance.  I could go on for pages on this subject, but frankly it makes me too angry and frustrated. With the current state of the economy and many people around the world with bigger problems, I don’t expect this to be given serious attention any time soon.  


Just in case it wasn’t obvious, my favorite discount cyber café is my kitchen.

I have an inexpensive espresso machine (note to self: make sure not to put this in storage) a tea pot, coke and beer in the fridge. There is also a stash of emergency chocolate.  The space is a little tight, but that tends to keep the crowds down so I can get my work done. That is not to say there aren’t plenty of distractions. Yesterday I thought it was important to re-arrange the coffee mugs.  It does not help that I can watch movies on; staring at the computer screen gives the illusion I am working instead of watching TV.

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