Clearing Out Valuable Stuff

There is an unforeseen upside to this whole lose my job, maybe having to sell my house, and relocating.  I am being forced to sort through, re-evaluate, and part with “valuable” stuff. I have never lived in one place this long. I have a three- bedroom house with a basement, my very first basement.  All by myself, no husband or kids, I have managed to fill the basement with treasures. I am in serious danger of becoming one of those tragic seniors on the evening news dying in a house fire because the fire fighters couldn’t get through the clutter to rescue them.  I do not mean to make light of these tragedies because I can clearly see how it starts.


I have dried sticks. These are interesting, excellent sticks and can be quite useful in filling in a flower arrangement so one needs to use fewer flowers. See, I am saving money by collecting free stuff.  I had this red dress I could not fit into. I moved this dress to three cities. I finally was able to fit into the red dress. I put on the red dress, and I hated the red dress.  I have a broken beyond repair TV studio light because I thought I could possibly turn it into a cool lamp. Do I keep the dream alive, or let someone else hold onto it for years thinking the same thing? And just how many T-shirts “to wear when there is really dirty work to be done” does one need to own? Will my yellow high top- Reeboks ever be in style again, or will they become a valuable item for the vintage clothing store? These things weigh heavily on my mind, so I get almost no sorting done.  Every trip to Goodwill elicits a victory dance and a champagne toast.  


Then there are the holiday decorations……. but that is a subject for another blog on another day, and “it ain’t gonna be pretty.”

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