Spooky to Storage

I used to call this storage space the spooky room. Before there was light I was afraid to go in there. The wine was stored so all I had to do was reach in a grab a bottle. My preferred method was to send my guests down there to choose “something they would like.” I […]

Monday, April 6th

More Work for the Traveling Overalls

As my unemployment date looms even closer, I contemplate each dollar spent on getting my house ready to sell with surgical precision.  I do this while growing angrier with various honchos in corporate America lacking the integrity to do likewise.  It was fun to shop at the big box store for a new vanity for […]

Monday, March 16th

Clearing Out Valuable Stuff

There is an unforeseen upside to this whole lose my job, maybe having to sell my house, and relocating.  I am being forced to sort through, re-evaluate, and part with “valuable” stuff. I have never lived in one place this long. I have a three- bedroom house with a basement, my very first basement.  All […]

Tuesday, March 10th