Personal Best

Applying for jobs on line may be technically efficient, fast and cheap but it can be silly. It would help what is left of my sanity to know before starting what information to have handy. A few sites will actually take pity on the job seeker and give this information really early. Most sites allow […]

Sunday, March 21st

Global Society? I don’t think so!

I am finally officially unemployed. Regular readers and friends know I have been preparing for a nationwide job search. I have been doing everything possible to make sure I find a better job than the one I just left. After reading the New York Times this am, and everything they had today on unemployment, I […]

Sunday, August 16th

Expedition Find a Job

My procrastination activity of choice varies like a cat looking for a warm spot to nap. Lately I have been watching Expedition Africa on I have to admit it is a guilty pleasure even greater than Dancing with the Stars if for no other reason than the photography. Like Dancing, there are some life […]

Tuesday, July 21st

Job Hunting Boogie

I am a terrible dancer. I am cool with the fact Dancing with the Stars is not beating down my door to turn me into a celebrity dancer (although I could use the paycheck and the workout).  However, this whole trying to re-invent my career thing is like doing some new quirky version of the […]

Wednesday, July 15th

Job Surfing Withdrawal

I have decided to take a mental break from job hunting this week.  I am not going to visit a single web site with job postings. I am half way through day one of this mental health break and I feel as though I am on some sort of withdrawal program for addicts.  I did not […]

Monday, June 29th

Actually Applying For A Job

Well here goes nothing! I actually applied for a real job this weekend.  I have to say there is hope in actually stumbling upon a job you are uniquely qualified to perform. However there are many scary things associated with applying for this particular job. I think the number one scary part was the fact […]

Monday, March 30th