I Love My House!

My realtor had me write a marketing piece for my house about why I love living here. He sent this out to other agents and we got a terrific response so I thought I would share it with you this week. Good bye Trader Joes hello Piggly Wiggly.[1] I am relocating to the southeast and […]

Saturday, October 10th

A Tribute to Friends…You Know Who You Are

In preparation for this week’s blog I decided to make sure I am up on all the latest employment news. Bad idea; the news is grim. I do not even want to read anymore of it much less write about it. I am sure many of you feel the same way. So I decided to […]

Sunday, October 4th

New Attitude: Self Employed

I am working on an attitude adjustment. Sometimes I feel that I am working way too hard on my house for someone else to enjoy. On a good day, I see this as my new job. I work for myself and the harder I work the better chance I have of a quick sale for […]

Monday, September 21st

Christmas as it Should be

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. I posted a picture on my Facebook page of my downsized and stored holiday decorations .I got more comments on this than any thing I have ever posted. In this week’s blog www.darbybritto.com I tried to explain why I can’t part with any more of […]

Sunday, September 13th

Clark Griswold is an Amateur

“I think you’re going to need a bigger truck.” One of the many comments I got after I took a picture of my neatly stored holiday decorations and posted it on my Facebook page. Some of the other comments ranged from “that’s ridiculous”, “Ho ho hoarders”, to suggestions that “I meet downsizing.” I have a […]

Sunday, September 13th

Conversation with a Colleague or Unemployment Week Three

http://industry.bnet.com/media/10003975/local-tv-stations-must-reinvent-news-to-survive/Update: Interesting trade article on this very subject. I was surprised with a phone call from a former colleague the other day. Over the span of… (let’s just say a long time) this person and I have worked in more than one city, together, or as competitors. Like any two people who have known each […]

Tuesday, September 8th

Save the Planet…Not so Fast or Unemployment Week 2

I have a tendency to read more than one book at the same time.  It started innocently enough with one fiction and one non fiction going at the same time.  This week I had four going and finished one. Hey there is also a lot of stuff to read on line and I get carried […]

Monday, August 31st

Global Society? I don’t think so!

I am finally officially unemployed. Regular readers and friends know I have been preparing for a nationwide job search. I have been doing everything possible to make sure I find a better job than the one I just left. After reading the New York Times this am, and everything they had today on unemployment, I […]

Sunday, August 16th

Last day of Work

I have joined the unemployed. I was working in TV. This is likely due to the fact I watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show at an impressionable age. When that show went off the air it ended with everyone losing their jobs, how prophetic. In the final episode everyone walked out the door crying in […]

Sunday, August 16th


Things go wrong when you are working on TV programs. When it is a live program you can only say, “Well it’s on the way to Mars now.” Of course this was before everyone recorded everything and all mistakes could come back to haunt you forever on You Tube. When something went wrong on a […]

Monday, August 10th